Abox boasts leadership in the IMPORT-EXPORT industry of jewelry cases. Founded in the late 80's by Antonio Biancospino, it has conquered a large part of the national and international market.


C.da Romano
Siderno, 89048 (RC)
+39 0964 343235

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Founded at the end of the eighties by Mr. Antonio Biancospino, an enterprising entrepreneur who, with dedication and perseverance, conquered most of the national and international market in the field of jewellery packaging.
The experience gained over the years and the ability to focus practicality, elegance and exclusiveness on each product, have contributed to the achievement of increasingly satisfactory results allowing this young and dynamic reality to become a leading company in this field.
Our headquarters, located in Siderno (RC), cover an area of 21,000 square meters, with new premises and a spacious warehouse, where the administrative / commercial offices allow to arrange a more efficient and quicker logistics service, while qualified designers can give way to their creativity by designing products with top standards and enhanced by high quality materials that give uniqueness to each product

The biodegradable packaging created to respect the environment.

100% biodegradable and compostable, easily disposable in separate waste collection.
Made by natural bamboo fibers without chemical processings.
Material suitable for containing metals, in line with current Italian and European legislations.
Resistant compact structure.
Biodegradable latex pad.





...in continuos evolution!

From production to sales up to the logistics, Abox srl thanks to its efficient staff offers a sales service that goes beyond expectations

Our direct relationships with various producing facilities and the use of technologically advanced machines allow for a rapid attainment of all the products and permit us to attend the most important international trade fairs and be present on well-known advertising magazines with suggestions and ideas always in fashion. Finally, the vicinity to the well-known port of Gioia Tauro, to the international airports of Reggio Calabria and Lamezia Terme, and the cooperation with the major express couriers, allow an easy connection to all foreign countries with rapid delivery times.
There are stories of style and elegance in each case.

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